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Where’s the Thief?

by on July 30, 2012

Last week’s session began with a game of The Thief of Baghdad. When I say ‘game’, that may be a tad too complimentary. Yes, I thought it was awful, and I wasn’t playing. The exercise involved drawing cards and playing them. Dry? It was like a double dose of fasting. Tension? That rubber band was broken. You get the picture; I really did not like it. (I invite Laurie to tell you all why it’s ok.) Anyway,  Elad won, just ahead of Susan. Laurie and Rochelle were still in contention, but may have lost interest.

Then we had two games going, one of which was Dominion. Elad worked out the killer combinations ahead of Susan and so claimed the win. I claimed the wooden spoon.

The others played Through the Desert. A report is awaited!

Then we switched over, and I left the experts to battle it out in Dominion, while I took Rochelle and Laurie through Ivanhoe (a Knizia card game of cut, thrust, and double dealing) and Reibach & Co (an Alan Moon card game of set collection, that is safe, steady, and involves no back-stabbing). Laurie liked one game, Rochelle the other; success!

Yehuda and Susan were in contention for the win in Dominion, ahead of Ella and Elad, but Susan just lost out by a card or two to Mr Y; well played, Yehuda!

I won Ivanhoe and (I think) Rochelle won Reibach & Co.

A good night, and a good spread of games. Apart from that Baghdad rubbish…


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