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Nine in a row

by on October 26, 2012


With apologies for the obscure cultural reference, let’s quickly move on to the report of last week’s session.

We started with a quick game of 7 Wonders, allowing the latecomers to straggle in for the follow on games. Peleg and I did well, though his military power was crucial in holding me back. We were the closest contenders to Yehuda who squeezed out a win.

Then we split into two games – Puerto Rico and Dominion. Yehuda, Uri, Ella and Elad were the colonists (Puerto Rico). While Yehuda was explaining the rules – just about – Susan, Rosalynn, Peleg, and Laurie played Dominion to a conclusion, with me guiding them through it. Peleg had to leave early, so I took over his position and probably didn’t do it justice. Laurie claimed the win in quite a close game.

As the Puerto Rico game was still underway, Susan, Rosalynn, Laurie and I played a game of Ticket to Ride. Although it was another first time experience for Rosalyyn, she caught on quickly and seemed to enjoy it. I got lucky with my tickets and, despite Laurie’s impressively long train connections, and Susan’s multiple tickets, secured the win by a narrow margin. Fun.

Puerto Rico

Eventually, Puerto Rico finished. Yehuda was the winner (unsurprisingly). Uri, Ella and Elad had been introduced to one of Yehuda’s favorite games, and the guess is there will be more playings.

A good, game filled night.


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